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  • Guidelines & Cutting Explained

    At OvernightPrints we allow printing to the edge of the products and we take pride in having the tightest cutting margins available. These margins are 1,61mm and are named full-bleed.

    Trim Marks
    The product will be cut on the trim mark (blue line), however the cut may shift up to 1,61mm in any direction.

    Full Bleed
    If you wish to have coloured backgrounds or images continue to the edge of the product they must continue past the trim marks to the full bleed margin. If they do not continue to the full bleed margin you most likely will end up with white strips along the edge of the product due to cutting tolerance.

    Safe Zone
    The text or other elements you want to guarantee not to be trimmed off must be placed within the safe zone. If they are placed directly next to the trim mark and the cutting is off but within tolerance, the text will be chopped off.
    Note: If you choose the option rounded corners, you should make sure your image is 2-3 mm within the safety zone in order to prevent your image from getting cut during the processing of the corners.