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  • How can I order partial coating?

    How can I order partial coating?

    OvernightPrints offers you three options for ordering partial coating:
    1. You give us a description of the logo or image parts that should be coated and we will create the Spot UV files for you. This service will be charged by OvernightPrints with a flat fee of 4.58£ incl. VAT. Should the work of creating the files be more complex and time consuming, so the actual cost would be higher than the flat fee, you will of course be informed first before we start creating the files.
    2. You create the Spot UV files on your own according to the instructions below and complete the order as described (either uploading the files directly or after completing the order process).
    3. You select one of our general spot templates which are offered as part of the ordering process when you select the partial coating option (along with the option to upload your own file or have us create the file for you as mentioned under 1. and 2.).

    In order to place an order with Spot UV, you will need to do the following:

    1. Upload a finished design through our website
    2. Once on the approval page, you have to click on the link "Add Partial Coating" and you will be given the option to upload your Spot UV files right away or to upload the files at a later point. If you decide to upload the Spot UV files right away, the Spot UV process will be complete. Afterwards, please continue the order process.
    3. If you have decided to upload the Spot UV files at a later point, your order will be automatically be put on hold on order completion, waiting for you to upload the Spot UV files. After you have uploaded all the files, you have to remove the hold status yourself so that the order can be forwarded to printing.

    Spot UV File Specs:
    - Spot UV files should be saved as Bitmap images
    - image size in pixel:

    • Businesscards: 1042 x 676 Pixel
    • Folded Businesscards: 2046 x 676 Pixel
    • Postcards DIN A6: 1823 x 1315 Pixel
    • Postcards DIN A5: 2518 x 1786 Pixel
    • Postcards DIN long: 2518 x 1278 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN A7: 1823 x 1315 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN A6: 2518 x 1786 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN A5: 3546 x 2518 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN long: 2518 x 2518 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN long Landscape Format: 4999 x 1278 Pixel
    • Square Greeeting Cards: 2518 x 1278 Pixel

    Create a Spot UV-File:
    1. Open the file in Photoshop.
    2. If you want to coat lighter areas of your card or have more control over the coated regions follow these steps, otherwise continue to step 3.

    • a. Select areas to be coated. There are a few way to do this: use the Marquee Tool if you would like to select a rectangle or a circle, use the Magic Wand Tool if you would like to select a colour, or use the Lasso Tool if it is a complex shape you want to select. Remember to hold the Shift key to add more areas to your selection.
    • b. Create a New Layer.
    • c. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to make all the selected areas black on the new layer.
    • d. Turn off the Background Layer by clicking on the eye next to the Background Layer in the Layer window.
    • e. Make sure all areas desired to be coated are black.
    • f. Click Layers, then Flatten Image.
    • g. Select OK when asked if you want to discard hidden layers.
    3. Convert your file to Grayscale (Image/Mode/Grayscale) Click OK to discarding information
    4. Convert your file to Bitmap.
    5. Save as a tiff file.