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  • Which possible reasons are there for colour deviation between monitor preview and print product?

    Overnight Prints cannot guarantee that the colour of the print result will look identical to the onscreen preview on the customers monitor, as we are unable to influence any deviation caused by the customers monitor itself or its settings.

    All files should be created, saved and uploaded in CMYK colour mode. It is also possible to upload files in RGB colour mode, but the customer needs to take into account that the necessary conversion to CMYK colour mode before printing can cause certain colours to shift and change. Further information about the colour spaces is available under the link "RGB & CMYK" in our glossary on the right hand side of this page.

    When you upload your files in CMYK colours, we advise using our colour profile to achieve a better colour accuracy. Overnight Prints uses the colour profile "US Sheetfed Coated V2" for coated paper.

    If the print result differs from the preview on your monitor, this is often caused by incorrect settings of the device. Should your images be darker in the print result than the online preview, it is possible that your monitor is set up too bright. In addition, incorrect settings for contrast and colours can also cause differences between monitor preview and print result. Only with a calibrated monitor it is possible to achieve an approximately colour-proof preview matching the print result.

    Further reason for error is the use of RGB colours (only suitable for screen displays) or the use of spot colours (like Pantone, HKS or RAL) and other colour definitions. Printing is done in the smaller CMYK colour space. This colour space offers fewer colour grades for image reproduction. Because of this, RGB colours will lose luminance and saturation when converted to CMYK. The difference between these colour spaces is the type of colour mixture (i.e. how the colours are made up): RGB creates colours in an additive process, CMYK uses a subtractive process.


    Calibrate your monitor.
    Convert your files to CMYK-colour mode before uploading them.
    Should you not have access to a calibrated monitor it is usually advisable to brighten files by 15-20%. Please note that this measure does not result in a guarantee for a colour-proof print result.