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  • What causes colour drift and colour out of spec?

    The accuracy limitations of CMYK printing are that the results can vary, sometimes greatly, depending on the range, how it is calibrated, and the particular colour you are trying to print. Even the results from different digital printers or presses can vary, so colour accuracy may be an issue, particularly if you're printing items at different times or with different printers. There are also colours that cannot be reproduced using the CMYK process - such as metallics and very bright colours. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you don't use spot colours in your document. Inevitably, the colours shift when converted to CMYK, and this could be a cause of the colour out of spec you're experiencing. A good idea for designers might be to go into the Pantone Process Book and pick a process colour that's as close to the spot colour as possible, when choosing to use a four-colour printer. Select a colour that can be printed in CMYK. Use the process colour instead; the colour is much more likely to print.