Step 1. Create New File

  1. In Photoshop, choose File, New (Ctrl-N)
  2. Size the image by setting width to px and height to px. Then set the resolution to and Color mode to CMYK color (as shown below in Figure.1).
Figure 1

Step 2. Create Your Design

Go ahead and design your , but remember to leave room to cut. It's a good idea to make guides for yourself, approx inside of the edge for guides (as shown in Figure 2 below).

Note - Be sure to keep all text and important images inside our safe zone to avoid any information from being cut off. Click here to learn more about our design guidelines. Click here for an overview of common errors made while composing and submitting artwork.
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Figure 2

Step 3. Save Finished Artwork

First it's a good idea to save a .psd with layers because you need to save your artwork as a flattened .tif file without layers.
Choose File > Save As (Shift+Ctrl+S) and choose TIFF format from the dropdown menu and uncheck the "Layers" tab and save it to your computer (as shown in Figure 3 below)

Figure 3